Winter weather patterns

The weather climate in America is changing. As a result, severe weather events like intense rain and snowstorms, flooding, dangerous heat, drought, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes are becoming more frequent and extreme. Burning fossil fuels—such as coal, oil and gas—releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Once released it traps heat, causing the Earth’s temperature to […]

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Combined Heat and Power Systems Can Help Beat the Heat

Summertime, time to sit back and unwind. It is also the season that aggravates many electrical issues taking away from fun in the sun. Increased demand, storm-related outages, power surges, blackouts and brownouts can all affect the supply of electricity. Aegis Energy, EDF Group provides a bulwark against these issues as a leading provider of […]

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In the last six years, three severe weather events—Superstorm Sandy and Hurricanes Harvey and Maria—caused widespread damage and left millions of residents without power during and after the storms for a long duration of time. When Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 16, 2017, it was the second-largest recorded power outage in […]

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BuildingsNY: New products, services and education to help save money on buildings, which is something Aegis knows how to do

BuildingsNY is the unique combination of an exhibition, no-cost accredited education, partnership opportunities and networking events. It is the single source, full product life-cycle solution to safely and cost-effectively operate your buildings. The description of the product life-cycle solution is apropos of Aegis Energy, EDF Group, which is a leader in Combined Heat and Power […]

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Anchin Construction & Development Forum: The Takeaways

If you’ve read any of our recent blogs, you know that in addition to being a leader in emerging technology—CHP—we also pride ourselves on being at the forefront of legislative updates that could affect the energy market and our customers. Last month, our blog focused on New York City, and this month, our travels took […]

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