Product Comparison

Aegis Product Comparison Table

Explore the full range of available cogeneration systems to fit facilities of all sizes, and thermal and electrical load requirements. Using the table below, you can compare CHP systems based on key features, utility usage and output.
Technology Type:
kW Output:
Thermal Output:
Standby Power:
Facility Electrical Consumption (kWh):
Facility Gas Consumption (Therms):
Sound Level:
Gas Pressure:
 Aegis PV-100Aegis PV-75Aegis PS-75Aegis TP-75Yanmar CP35
Technology Type:Inverter-basedInverter-basedSynchronousInduction-basedInverter-based
kW Output:100kW75kW75kW75kW35kW
Thermal Output:642,200 BTU/h523,000 BTU/h523,000 BTU/h523,000 BTU/h 204,040 BTU/h
Facility Electrical
Consumption (kWh):
Facility Gas
Consumption (Therms):
Sound Level:70 dB(a)70 dB(a)70 dB(a)70 dB(a)64 dB(a)
Gas Pressure:LowLowLowLowLow

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