Micro CHP Systems


Micro CHP models offered by Aegis Energy Services

Aegis Energy Services is very proud to announce their alliance with Yanmar to provide their micro Combined Heat & Power (CHP) line. These highly-efficient and reliable units provide the excellent energy and cost savings found in Aegis’ larger systems, but in smaller kW applications. Finding the best CHP system for your facility, large or small, has never been easier!

Aegis Energy Services is also excited to offer the Yanmar Gas Heat Pumps. These innovative systems consume 90% less electricity than a traditional electric heat pump, reducing overall operation costs by 30-70%! For more information on the Yanmar line offered through Aegis Energy Services, please read below.

Yanmar CP5WN-5kW
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Yanmar CP10WN-10kW
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Yanmar CP35D1-35kW
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