GHP Systems

GHP: Changing the Climate of Energy

Gas Heat Pump (GHP) systems are air conditioning units that are more efficient than traditional electric systems, making them natural, complementary products when paired with CHP systems.

Yanmar natural gas-powered (VRF) heat pump systems combine maximum efficiency with superior reliability, reducing operating costs by up to 70%. Utilizing reversible air-source technology, Yanmar GHP systems also dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and electrical usage.


  • Proven technology with more than 300,000 gas engine VRF units installed worldwide
  • Heat recovery system efficiently captures useable heat to reduce electricity usage
  • Modular system means heating and cooling only the zones that need it
  • Lowers peak power demand charges
  • Seamlessly integrates into any facility
  • Operates individually or in combination with existing electrical systems

Yanmar Gas Heat Pump Model Range

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