Inverter Based CHP

PowerVerter PV-75 and PV-100

Powering Savings: Even When The Grid Goes Down

A powerful enhancement of the PowerSync line, both the PowerVerter PV-75 and PV-100 reflect continual innovation to meet consumer needs. These unique, standalone products represent a redefinition of the CHP experience, marrying the trademark savings and emissions reductions with black start capability. The PowerVerter systems offer the most dynamic cogeneration experience on the market, reducing utility costs by up to 50%.

PV-75 and PV-100 are designed to interface with utility spot networks and area network grids as required in major metropolitan cities. Unlike conventional standby generators, reliability is unknown until they are needed, PowerVerter runs continuously, so there is never any question whether standby electricity will be available in the event of a power outage.

With its black start capability, the 75kW and 100kW PowerVerter CHP systems provide power in a blackout without relying on an external transmission network, offering peace of mind that facilities will never be left in the dark.

The industry best-in-class design allows the PowerVerter PV-75 and PV-100 cogeneration systems to seamlessly integrate into existing facility infrastructure. Modular and scalable, these CHP systems can be installed individually or in multiples, depending on thermal and electrical load requirements.


  • EPA-certified, natural gas-fueled engine, conforming with the Clean Air Act
  • NYSERDA approved CHP technology
  • Rapid black start standby capability
  • Highly efficient cogeneration systems applicable for buildings on utility networks
  • Innovative and intuitive HMI displays and interfaces
  • 24/7 remote operational monitoring
  • Operates with existing mechanical and electrical systems
  • Integrates in conjunction with other renewable energy sources and microgrid applications
  • Standby power with grid-independent operation
  • Modbus networking capability BACnet Profibus
  • Field-evaluated to UL 2200 and 1741 compliance standards
  • Utility grade electrical protection relay as standard equipment

At the heart

The core of Aegis CHP technology is the proven EPA-certified, natural gas-fueled engine coupled with a generator capable of reducing grid dependency and providing standby power when needed. Further highlighting the advanced components is the exceptional heat recovery system, efficiently capturing useable heat to produce hot water. With this breakthrough efficiency, the PowerVerter PV-75 and PV-100 generate dramatic utility cost savings, resulting in total return on investment within 3-7 years.


As the single-source of accountability, Aegis provides expertise throughout every step of the CHP journey.
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