“Mini” blackout in NYC

[blog updated 7/30/19]

Are you prepared for even a “mini” blackout, like the one that hit the heart of New York City on July 13? Although about 72,000 customers lost power, the number of people it affected was much higher in the very-busy 42 blocks around Times Square. The cost to businesses during the 5+ hour electricity outage was tremendous. The Saturday-night NYC power outage brought events including a Jennifer Lopez concert, Broadway shows, movie showings and more to a stop. Hotels, attractions, stores and restaurants lost a busy night of business, and are footing the bill for service recovery efforts and equipment damaged when the power returned.

Because this relatively small blackout happened in NYC, and made much of Times Square go dark, it made headlines around the world. However, events like this are common, especially in the summer when increased demand, storm-related outages, power surges, blackouts and brownouts can all affect the supply of electricity. (The cause of the NYC blackout was still under investigation when this blog originally posted but has since been linked to a flawed connection between sensors and protective relays.)

Aegis Energy protects against these issues with cogeneration technology, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP). Our CHP systems are a crucial part of energy independence, delivering reliable energy when there is an interruption in the electricity supply. CHP systems run on natural gas, providing indefinite backup power. This means your building stays up and running, even when all your neighbors go dark.

Our CHP systems have generated electricity independent from the grid for more than 30 years. Fill out the form below if you want to learn more about how CHP can help your facility beat the heat.

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