People in Power : Mark Cloutier, Director of Program Management

People in Power : Mark Cloutier, Director of Program Management Mark Cloutier is looking for a better way to do things. As Director of Program Management for Aegis Energy, EDF Group he is charged with the task of coordinating the activities and resources across several departments in an effort to meet the needs of Aegis […]

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People in Power: Joe Goding

People in Power: Joe Goding When it comes to investing in Combined Heat and Power systems, Joe Goding, Chief Operating Officer for Aegis Energy Systems, Inc. is looking long term. “We are focused on giving our customer a turnkey solution that fits their needs today and for the next thirty years,” he said.  “We service […]

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People In Power : Khalima Bubuza

People In Power : Khalima Bubuza Financial Analyst Khalima Bubuza, financial analyst for Aegis Energy, EDF Group’s PowerVestors division, is always looking for a challenge. “My initial goal was to work in the medical field,” said Bubuza. “But biology and medicine were not hard for me and I felt like I wasn’t challenging myself enough.” Bubuza […]

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People in Power: Sean Pringle

Sean Pringle, Senior Project Engineer for Aegis Energy, EDF Group, talks about the unique requirements of his work with the firm. At Aegis Energy, EDF Group, Pringle gets to focus on both engineering and project management. Because Aegis Energy is a vertically integrated company, beginning with manufacturing through design and installation, engineers like Sean get […]

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People in Power: Daryl Delisle

For service manager Daryl Delisle, a typical day at Aegis Energy, EDF Group involves interacting with technicians, clients, office staff, and the company’s 24 / 7 remote monitoring system linked to Aegis’ Combined Heat and Power customers. “The system is referred to as DDC which stands for Direct Digital Control,” said Delisle. “It allows fast, […]

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People “In Power” – Fedor Tereshchuck

For a veteran Aegis employee like Fedor Tereshchuck, customer service isn’t just a catch phrase. It is the cornerstone of a work ethic designed to produce optimum results. “We care about customer satisfaction,” says Tereshchuck, who has been with Aegis for seven years. “We want to provide the best savings for our customers.” Tereshchuck comes […]

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