Saybrook Point Inn and Marina


OLD SAYBROOK, CT November 10, 2011--It takes a great deal these days to satisfy demanding lodgers. They expect superlative comfort, and innovative atmosphere and cuisine. And now more than ever, they expect that all of this should be delivered with minimal impact on the environment. Today’s sophisticated lodgers often take note of a hotel’s eco-ratings when researching a destination or upon checking–in. In fact, many corporate groups have a mandate to choose a meeting location that focuses on sustainability.

No one knows this as well as Stephen Tagliatela, Innkeeper of Saybrook Point Inn and Marina, a AAA 4-diamond resort in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, located on Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River. Mr. Tagliatela and his experienced staff continually strive to “keep everything current”. This philosophy of innovation has earned the resort rave reviews from travel magazines and websites alike. But what goes on “behind the scenes” is equally important to the staff of Saybrook Point Inn and Marina. For years now, they have also been pioneers in the “greening” of their hotel and marina business, thereby earning the resort multiple awards including the Connecticut Green Business Award from the state’s DEP. Likewise, they were the first in the state to earn the prestigious Green Lodger Award. Recognitions for their leadership in environmental efforts flow from a series of projects including ecosmart thermostats, solar panels, Farm-to-Chef menus sourced from local providers, electric vehicle charging stations, and natural  conversion of salt for swimming pool chlorination.

Capital Investment

Now, Saybrook Point Inn and Marina, is proud to announce another state-of-the-art, energy-focused capital investment to be installed by year-end. The Inn has contracted with Aegis Energy, EDF Group to engineer and install a highly efficient Aegen Thermopower 75kW LE Combined Heat and Power system. CHP, also known as cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of both heat and electricity from a single fuel source. The EPA recognizes the environmental benefits of CHP because less fuel is combusted than in separate equivalent production of heat and electricity. Less combusted fuel translates into less greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. In this case, the system will use clean natural gas to fuel an engine, which turns a generator, thereby producing electricity. The recovered engine heat will offset nearly all the thermal demand presently supplied by the Resort’s oil burning boilers. Savings are expected to average $69,000 per year but the reduction in pollutants and greenhouse gases is equally profound. In addition, the on-site system will supply 31% of the resort’s electrical demand, thereby displacing electricity produced by highly inefficient central power plants fed into the grid. Marine Manager and Head of the resort’s “Green Team”, Abbie Coderre, described the installation of CHP as an important part of their current efforts to reach Silver LEED certification adding that “Our team’s mission is to further sustainability efforts within Saybrook Point Inn and Marina.”

Mr. Tagliatela and his team demonstrate a passionate commitment to sustainable practices and subscribe to the belief that “good environmental practices result in good business”. This successful Connecticut resort bears witness to that belief. 

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