Regeis Care Center



Metro New York’s Regeis Care Center, is primarly a long-term care facility, with 75% of its beds dedicated to long term-care and 25% designated for  short-term and sub-acute care.


$300,000 a year in projected net energy savings Eliminated electric heating system, thereby slashing energy costs New individual hydronic units  providing heating & cooling in every room Comprehensive turnkey service by Aegis “From CAD to Completion”


With the facility operating around-the-clock, Regeis Care Center’s energy needs were substantial. Aegis installed 150kW’s of cogeneration to provide a significant portion of the building’s electrical and thermal needs. Before cogeneration was installed, the facility was using electricity to meet its sizable demand for space heating and air conditioning. With the consistent need for hot water year-round, Regeis Care Center was a textbook candidate for our Aegen Thermo Power CHP system and system conversion. Regeis Care Center is another satisfied customer.

“Aegis Energy executed both projects without any
issues.They dedicated a project manager that
kept us involved every step of the way. We would
recommend Aegis to anyone”

Regeis Care Center ~Abe Seiger

Aegen Thermo Power 75-kilowatt (kW) cogeneration system.

Cogeneration is a highly efficient way to simultaneously produce heat and electric power using a single fuel. Cogeneration is a very attractive option for buildings that consume large amounts of hot water and electricity every month.

The Bottom Line

In January 2003, Aegis completed the $2.1 million energy conservation project highlighting cogeneration, which included two 200-ton chillers to handle air conditioning. We removed all the costly electric space heating and thru-wall PackageTerminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) units which were costly to operate and engineered and installed a hot and chilled water heating and cooling distribution system throughout the 236-bed facility. Each resident’s room was provided with a ventilating fan coil unit and wall thermostat for much improved comfort over the previous PTAC units.

As of September 2007, to harness untapped savings, another 75kw Aegen Thermo Power unit was added, and, with 40 tons of absorption cooling, which utilizes available heat from the two cogeneration units to provide free air conditioning. Future financial projections indicate Regis Care Center will exceed $300,000 in annual savings from our modular systems.

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