2 Tudor City Place

2 Tudor City Place Case Study: Multi-Unit Residential

Site Description

2 Tudor City Place is a residential cooperative building consisting of 300 apartments located within Tudor City in New York, New York. Designated a Historic District by The Landmarks Preservation Commission, Tudor City is a city within a city, consisting of 11 cooperative apartment buildings.

Project History

In the past few years, Aegis Energy, EDF Group has installed several Combined Heat & Power systems at multiple Tudor City properties: 2 Tudor City Place, 5 Tudor City Place, 25 Tudor City Place and 45 Tudor City Place. Aegis Energy, EDF Group and Tudor City Tenants Corporation have formed a strong relationship reducing energy costs at each Tudor City building using Combined Heat & Power. After Hurricane Sandy, 2 Tudor City determined that it needed standby power in the event of another central power grid failure. It selected to replace existing CHP systems with two Aegis Energy’s PowerVerter modules, which will continue to provide daily energy savings AND stand-by power during a power failure.

CHP Systems Description

The 2 Tudor City new CHP System is comprised of two (2) Aegen PowerVerter 75LE modules. This natural gas-fired system reduces boiler use by supplying domestic hot water and space heating to the facility. Likewise, the two modules supply 150 kW of electricity to the building’s base electric load. The new CHP system will continue to provide the same thermal and electric loads, but will provide the added benefit of supplying standby capabilities in the event of a power outage. When a grid outage occurs, PowerVerter continues to operate, automatically switching its electrical outlet to the load priorities preselected by the building, in this case elevators, water pump, and common area lighting. The system is equipped with an automated monitoring system whereby Aegis Energy, EDF Group provides remote system monitoring to maintain maximum efficiency, under its Comprehensive Maintenance Program.

Savings and Benefits

In 2012, 2 Tudor City Place saved $170,765 in energy costs for the year using Aegis Energy, EDF Group Combined Heat & Power system. It is expected that the new CHP system will provide the same or greater savings. NYSERDA is providing $265,000 funding for the 2 Tudor City new 75 kW modules. 2 Tudor City will continue to significantly reduce its energy costs while promoting positive environmental stewardship. The co-op building will now have the added benefit of operating security in the event of a central grid failure.

Quick Facts

  • Location: East Side of Manhattan, New York
  • Fuel: Natural gas
  • Max. Capacity: 150 kW
  • Pollution Control: Non-Selective 3-Way Catalytic
  • Reduction System
  • Total Annual Savings: $170,765
  • Interconnection: Con Edison

2 Tudor City Place Case Study: Multi-Unit Residential

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