Backlash against coal-fired power plants opens the door for Cogeneration

The soon-to-commence eradication of coal-fired power plants, responsible for maintaining base-load and peaking electricity generation capacities of an estimated 34 GW in the United States alone, has caused worry among energy analysts who foresee repeated failures and higher costs once conversion to renewable energy alternatives takes full effect.

According to President Davis Swan of Debarel Systems, Ltd., a grim future consisting of “declining reserve capacity” and expensive thermal generation plants, many of which are yet to be built, appears to exist on the horizon.

It seems that renewable energy sources’ inconsistent supply cannot justify their replacement of coal-fired plants. Swan notes, “[Solar and wind] are both unreliable in the sense that it is not possible to match supply with demand, and highly variable due to passing of clouds in the case of solar or frontal weather systems for wind.”

His fear, shared by many others in the energy community, points to a drastic shift in electricity supply, directly affected by the sudden loss of reserve capacity from coal-fired plants. With more interruptions in power supply, Americans will begin to notice more disruptions to their service, what Swan calls an “unavoidable [consequence] of continued aggressive development of renewable generation.”

However, there is a growing alternative for many building managers who seek to avoid the negative consequences posed by the coming landscape of electricity generation. By utilizing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, customers can generate their own free electricity on-site with the aid of cogeneration.

Aegis Energy is an EPA-approved partner providing CHP/cogeneration, a highly-efficient means of heating a building (as much as 50% more efficient than coal-fired power plants) with the potential to reduce facilities’ dependence on utility power, which is bound to swell in price as inadequacies in the system become prevalent. These modular CHP systems also run on clean natural gas, reducing a facility’s carbon footprint.

For 28 years, our CHP systems have a proven track record with happy customers saving millions of dollars in energy costs. Many facilities that have implemented our systems experienced a 2-4 year simple payback. Contact us today for a free site evaluation and economic analysis!

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