Aegis Energy, EDF Group, LLC Combined Heat and Power project subject of NYSERDA-sponsored tour

Aegis Energy, EDF Group, LLC Combined Heat and Power project subject of NYSERDA-sponsored tour

CHP Breakfast and Tour to highlight company’s installation at Birchwood Towers in Forest Hills

Aegis Energy, EDF Group, LLC’s Combined Heat and Power systems installed in Birchwood Towers’ Toledo Building and Kyoto Building will be the subject of a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) CHP Breakfast and Tour.

The event will be held on site at Birchwood Towers on Thursday, Dec. 10 at 9 a.m.

The program will begin with a brief introduction to Combined Heat and Power technology which will be followed by a discussion of available financial and technical resources to support system installations.

Aegis Energy, EDF Group, LLC President Lee Vardakas, Director of Sales and Marketing Joseph M. Hickson, Jr., and Senior Project Engineer Sean Pringle will all be on site to provide information and answer questions regarding the project.

The installation at Birchwood Towers consists of two Aegis PowerVerter CHP modules. The units provide heat for the hot water (DHW) loads for each building and will also pick up the pool heating load in the Toledo Building.

The PowerVerter provides a facility with everyday energy savings while remaining available as a standby generator in the event of a grid power failure. The PowerVerter is engineered to interface with utility area or spot networks, such as those found in parts of New York City and other cities in the Northeast.

Unlike stand-by generators, which are only activated in the event of a power outage, PowerVerter operates 24/7 throughout the year, in parallel with the grid, delivering continual energy savings from its advanced synchronous, inverter-based Combined Heat and Power technology.

This breakfast presentation takes place at the Birchwood Towers complex in the community room. The program will conclude with a tour of the Combined Heat and Power systems.

To register for the CHP Breakfast and Tour visit NYSERDA’s Event Page.

To learn more about Aegis Energy, EDF Group’s innovative CHP systems, visit




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