Aegis celebrates 30th Anniversary at Museum of Springfield History

Aegis celebrates 30th Anniversary at Museum of Springfield History

Company founder recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award

It was a fitting venue for the celebration of Aegis Energy, EDF Group’s 30th Anniversary Celebration; the Museum of Springfield History where so many Springfield area businesses are memorialized, from the famed Indian Motorcycle to famous national brands like Breck Shampoo, Milton Bradley, and Miriam-Webster.

The event, held on Oct. 29, celebrated the founding of Aegis Energy, EDF Group 30 years ago and was well attended by employees, city officials, gas company officials, and other colleagues.

Aegis Energy, EDF Group, LLC is an innovative Combined Heat and Power (CHP) company based in Holyoke, MA.  Aegis Energy, EDF Group’ modular systems are currently utilized across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic providing energy-saving, clean power options for a wide array of customers.  Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is an efficient, clean, and reliable technology, which simultaneously generates electricity and thermal energy from a single fuel source.

Company president Lee Vardakas welcomed the group and thanked them for their efforts and dedication to the company and highlighted 20 team members with 10 years or more service.

Mr. Vardakas also used the theme of Malcolm Gladwell’s book “David and Goliath” to discuss the parallels with Aegis and lessons of that biblical tale.  The conclusions were that power does not only come from resources and size, it can also come from speed, agility, changing the rules of the game, and the resources of the spirit such as courage, integrity, and hard work.  Mr. Vardakas stressed that Aegis had prevailed upon Industry giants and other obstacles using many of these strategies, and thus was able to build its business to rival its competitors.

The evening concluded with a Lifetime Achievement Award given to the company’s founder and Chairman of the Board, Spiro Vardakas. The award was given for being a pioneer in energy efficiency using Combined Heat and Power.

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